Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vintage Ladies Picnic

You know how last post I was all... I'm gonna wear all those winter pieces one last time? Yeah, so, I'm wearing sandals this post (hi blue toenails!) and a cotton dress. Whatever! It was for a picnic day at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, so of course I had to wear sandals and a giant 50s straw hat.

I met up with some gorgeous ladies for a casual picnic sharing sweets and cheese under the shade of a tree, overlooking the gorgeous Sydney Harbour. We had some very silly laughs, took some ridiculous photos, and there may or may not have been a parasol fencing session (hint, there was). Now that's what I call the perfect way to spend a Saturday!

Thank you to Naomi of Lila Jean Vintage for the outfit photos!

Vintage 50s dress, Zara sandals, Jessamity Vintage 50s hat, Wild Fell Hall Vintage 40s Lucite brooch, Daisy Jean Floral Agatha's Orb resin earrings.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Over my knee

This outfit is one of those left of centre looks for me. Sometimes I like to shake things up - and it's because of things like these insane over the knee Sophia Webster boots. They so aren't what a vintage girl SHOULD own, but I do and I love them. I'll also mention they're insanely comfortable. So, I purposely keep a few cute mini skirts (which is basically any above the knee skirt in my books) to wear with them and accept that sometimes I will have anomalies in my wardrobe.

This skirt almost went in the cull in fact, but I lost a little weight lately and it fits again, so I am thrilled to be wearing it, especially with my cute burgundy cardigan. This cardigan gave me a headache at first. I bought it thinking it would be very easy to wear, then I got it and it didn't seem to go with the outfits I planned to wear it with as it wasn't just the right shade of burgundy. But once I actually sat down and thought logically about it I found plenty it goes with, but for a few months I had it in my head it was hard to wear, and that was quite ridiculous!

I am glad though to be seeing the end of the cold weather, spring is practically here, even if it does mean putting these boots away again for a few months. It's been a strange winter too, I didn't wear some things as much as I would've liked, simply because I wasn't trekking into the office every day. So, I will try to squeeze one or two more wears out of my heaviest winter pieces before I put them away, then get really excited for ALL of the open toed shoes EVERYDAY.

I've already painted my toenails a delicious shade of blue in anticipation...

Doll Me Up cropped cardigan, Anthropologie skirt, Sophia Webster boots, Vintage 40s necklace thrifted, Jennifer Behr leather headband.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


When Naomi of Lila Jean Vintage said, "Do you want to see the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibition?" I was all over that. I love visiting the Art Gallery of NSW, and expanding my (limited) knowledge of the art world, and I love strong female artists, so, match made in heaven.

Before I get down to all the clothes here, I wanted to say I really found the exhibition not entirely what I expected... less art, more photographs and personal history. But what paintings there were I really fell in love with. I was particularly taken with a Calla Lily vendor by Diego Rivera and the way in which Frida never shied from her own image. I love her for it. I also learned some unusual things about how symbolic fruit in still life art is... thanks for that Naomi!

Of course, you knew it'd happen the minute I mentioned Frida... I had to theme my hair and capture my outfit too. One of the wonderful benefits of spending time with a fellow outfit record keeper is that we are always up for a quick outfit shoot! I wanted to choose something with a distinct style nod to dear Frida, without looking like I was going to a dress up party... I hope I succeeded. You've seen this skirt more than once, but always with black. And as I promised I'd keep re-styling classics, well, of course I had to try it with a bold, warm tone like this vintage cropped sweater. I wanted to wear some cute matching wedges, but being on our feet for hours I went for practical black flats. Yes, I've officially gotten old...

Deerfield Vintage 50s sweater, Violetville Vintage 50s corduroy skirt, Dinosaur Designs bangles, Art Deco celluloid earrings, Daisy Jean Florals Penelope Peony, NineWest flats.

Photos kindly by Naomi of Lila Jean Vintage

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back to the Fifties... again!

Well, after the glum little vintage girls of last year, left stranded all dolled up with nowhere to go, this year Miss Mary Weather smiled once more on the Fifties Fair!

Sunshine abounded, and Naomi of Lila Jean Vintage and I were both thrilled to get our glad rags on and head to the fair. A little shopping, a lot of chatting (and lines for coffee) and bumping into lovely ladies ensued. And of course outfit photos!

Normally I buy something new for the fair... but this year I told myself to just wear something I already owned, so I pulled out this gorgeous Suzy Perette number I bought last year. It's actually nice to re-wear things! I'm so guilty of wearing a nice evening dress once and then hiding it away!

Speaking of this outfit, I am putting a note here to remember that next year I should not wear THREE petticoats and a panty girdle. Trying to use the portaloo was a nightmare. Picture me in that little box, trying to hold up three layers of petticoat and my skirt while trying to undo the eye and hooks on my WKD panty girdle and then trying to do it up again after (which ended up with me clipping my petticoat to my panty girdle and having to undo it and start again) and then wash my hands all while trying not to actually touch anything. You needed to hear this story, because... well, yeah... I'm all class.

It's always such a pleasure seeing so many well dressed people, having silly photos with friends, and listening to the live music! Until next year Fifties Fair, you beloved Vintage Christmas!

Retro Fit Pattern Suzy Perette 50s dress, 50s clip on earrings and rhinestone cuff, My Vintage Hat Shop 50s net and straw hat, Wittner heels, Vintage 50s op shop bag, Prada sunglasses, 50s Cashmere cardigan.

Thanks for the pictures Lila Jean Vintage - you can follow Lila Jean Vintage on Instagram here.

P.S. If you love this design of Suzy Perette dress there are several fabric variations out there - though I've never seen this fabric before or since!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Feather in my cap

Life has been busy the last month as I got all my business stuff up and running and I take care of my physical health - if it's not one thing it's another... I will be up and running this week and I'm excited though, announcement pending, promise.

I felt so guilty though I hadn't been wearing and sharing on the blog, only on my IG, so here's a post of a skirt I'm not 100% in love with. Is that funny to say? I used to have a similar pink wool pencil skirt I wore to death and I figured when I updated it that this too would get worn in much the same fashion but it's been pushed further and further back in the wardrobe so this was a little bit of a trial for me. And even looking at the pictures I'm still not convinced... It's a tad too pale, and a tad too long. I think this skirt is destined for the selling pile.

But I was glad to wear my 40s feather cap hat, I just ridiculously love it, with it's jaunty elvish feel and feathers that could poke out someone else's eye if they weren't careful. And I finally brought my giant heart and arrow brooch by Dorothy Bauer for a spin. If possible, I now love it even more.


EBay1940s feather hat, 50s cashmere sweater from Voyeur Vintage, 50s wool pencil skirt via IG, Senso heels, eBay Dorothy Bauer 80s cupid heart brooch.  

Friday, June 24, 2016

Dior dreaming

I've been daydreaming a lot lately about things I wish I could be doing but can't because of money. Don't you hate those fantasies? Hop on a plane and zoom over to see Nora of NoraFinds where we'd gallivant about London in our finery having champagne cocktails and what not, hop on a plane to Hong Kong and laze about by the rooftop pool under the constant stare of the mountains, go on a Net-A-Porter spending spree... Ah money. Yet for all that day dreaming, I've been really responsible and not shopped since I quit my last job. It's amazing I could control myself really, but it's helped me realise I was emotionally shopping because I was feeling so stressed I thought it was a reward. Now I'm dismantling all that excess stuff I only wore once from my life that was so out of hand, and I am feeling better about it. EBay has really taken a load off, and I will be listing even more in the coming weeks. But, that's not what this post is really about...

This post is about THIS dress. The Dior/Dita Von Teese inspired La Parisienne dress from Von 50'! This dress is sadly not available right now, so I feel a bit of a tease, but I was waiting for the weather to cool down enough to wear it.

I looked to Dita for the styling of this number, and while I admit it's hardly revolutionary, I have the same accessories as her so who am I to turn down tried and true styling? While Nora says I am biased, I find Dita Von Teese a great source of outfit inspiration - from colour combinations, cuts and accessories. I freely and unashamedly admit I look to celebrities with a similar shape or style and steal elements of their style I like. There's no need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to your daily style.

I will of course wear this dress so death over the coming seasons, so I look forward to seeing what else will work with it, and as is my goal lately.

This outfit certainly earned me some looks while I was out. I was so glad I had my sunglasses on to pretend I couldn't see the people around me dropping like flies (haha, I'm kidding). But seriously, this outfit is an example of how personal style, even good personal style, can definitely get you looked at. Don't be afraid of being looked at! Better to be remembered, better to be commented on, better to be asked what you're dressed for, better to be yourself and wear what makes you happy!

Von 50 La Parisienne dress, Alexander McQueen belt, Leather Gloves Online Italian unlined opera length gloves, NineWest pumps, Pared Eyewear Puss in Boots smoke/silver glasses, Vintage 1940s celluloid hand brooch.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Carry on!

Sometimes, I'm a practical person. I know, it surprises me too. I'm a princess when I travel (just ask my mother about the first time I encountered a squat toilet in Hong Kong). And while I might have to fly cattle class Economy for my holidays, I like to have a few little necessities with me to make the trip smoother - without causing security to have a conniption at my liquids. So, here is a little check list for anyone else who wants to pack an effective, comfortable and carryable carry on bag for international flights.

My essentials:
  • A good quality large leather handbag that zips up.
  • Travel wallet - it looks like a clutch, but it's actually got a mirror, pen, card slots, ticket and passport space and coin purse so all of your essentials are together. Then if you need to go out of an evening you can just grab this and go. You can try something like the Mimco Turnlock Travel Wallet.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A notebook for writing. I am always jotting down thoughts and details.
  • Eye mask for sleeping. While airlines normally give you one, I always spritz mine before I leave with a soothing essential oil mix that helps me relax.
  • Ear plugs. These are great for popping in on the flight, then putting the headphones over and playing a sleep track that is generally found on the inflight entertainment. It's the closest I can get to getting some sleep and rest in peace on a flight.
  • Tissues, cause those are always handy.
  • Phone and ear phones - for waiting around at the airport, accessing WiFi and taking snaps.
  • Clear bag of toiletries. The tricky part of flying. Nothing can be over 50MLs and must fit inside a clear zip lock for security. I'm fancy, so obviously I have a clear MOR toiletry bag. Inside it always consists of: Toothbrush and toothpaste, roll on deodorant, hand cream, facial moisturizer, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip treatment, eyebrow pencil and a bold lip gloss. I use the brow pencil and lip gloss before I get off the plane to ensure I look fresh and polished. You could also add a concealer if you have some spots to cover. I also slip two sheet masks in - these are great for wearing on the flight to provide hydration to your skin.
  • Underpants! Because nothing is worse than your luggage lost and having no clean underpants. Yours do not have to have rhinestones or lace however.

Other things you might like to include or consider:
  • Medications! If you have any prescription medications make sure they're on your carry-on. This is for two reasons - so you can take them during the flight (obviously!) but also in case your main luggage gets lost you won't suddenly be scrambling for essential medications in a foreign country. If your medication may be contentious in some way, carry a note from your doctor.
  • Fold up slippers - I always bring them so I can take off my shoes and have warm feet but still be able to get up for the bathroom too without having to change. I really should've photographed these!
  • Travel socks - I always wear these for flights, otherwise I get off looking like Violet Beauregarde after that gum.
  • A book - you might like to read. I don't generally end up reading the books I bring, so instead I put one on my phone.
  • An iPhone cable. Some airlines have a USB charging point in the seat you can use to up the power on your devices.
  • Sanitary products - panty liners, tampons etc. Sometimes you never know when you might get a surprise. Ahem.
Of course, this bag layout is also perfect for another kind of bag that needs all your essentials... a hospital bag! After all of the trauma of being admitted overnight to hospital, the last thing you want is to be without a few comforting essentials. The bag you'll need is very similar with a few swaps. I always take these things with me to the ER because you just never know what will happen, and even if they don't admit you, it all fits in a relatively small bag, so no stress!

My essentials:

  • Pajamas. If you're going to be admitted, you might want to change into something comfortable. I like satin pjs.
  • Fold up slippers, because, they're nice. But you could definitely do socks.
  • Sleep mask and ear plugs - especially good for shared rooms where you will want quiet to sleep, and someone always leaves a light on.
  • Underpants - probably more than one pair, but make them good, the nurses and doctor will probably see them ;)
  • Hair brush.
  • Toiletries bag - Tooth brush and paste, deodorant, hand cream, face moisturizer, lip balm, shower gel, tissues.
  • Phone and ear buds for entertainment and to contact worried friends and family.
You might also want:
  • Dry shampoo.
  • Face cleanser.
  • Phone charging cable.
  • Sanitary products
  • Medications in their prescription boxes so the nurses know you can take them.
So, that's my practical packing list for an essentials carry on or hospital stay bag. Can you think of anything you'd add? What's on your list for flights?

Love WTP x

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Blue sun

I am so excited I can FINALLY share this dress with you. I bought it in Stockholm this time  last year (!!!) but it needed TLC before I could wear it. It's my dream 40s dress. The shoulder pleats, the tiny fabric covered buttons, the bow, the full-ish skirt. It had some holes and once I got them beautifully darned, I then went through the painstaking process of hand washing with my metaphorical fingers crossed to get some marks off the shoulder. And it came off the line without shrinking and stain free. Phew!

So when I slipped it on today it felt like a small triumph. I couldn't resist adding victory rolls and hair flowers to give it an authentic touch. It makes me wonder who in the 40s was wearing this dress. Was it from a Swedish woman, who remained neutral through the war? Did she have strong views about the world around her, or was she just relieved to be relatively safe? How did she wear this dress, did she have nylons and a jaunty hat? Was she blonde, how old was she? Somehow that question seems so much more poignant where this dress is concerned in compared to my 40s dresses from the USA.

1940s dress bought in Sweden, Irregular Choice heels, Daisy Jean Florals Signature Rose Double in blue, vintage opal earrings, 1930s Czech glass ring, Jean Jean Vintage Edwardian bangle.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Suit yourself

I'm a sucker for vintage velvet. I don't know why, but there's something about vintage velvet that is rich and cosy for winter outings. I couldn't resist teaming this 40s blazer with my 50s pencil skirt for an appointment in the city. With the cool weather I was glad to have added this silk scarf over my hair, while an Art Deco necklace completed the look.

Even though I was only going to an appointment, it was a pleasure to dress up. It makes me feel much more like myself - it's been a struggle working from home! I was only discussing with my other vintage loving buddies how getting dressed and putting on your face really makes you feel motivated and like 'you'. Clothes are an important facet of who we are, whether we want to believe it or not. They create an identity for us, they signal to our fellow humans what we feel and associate with and want. They speak of our motivations and personality. They are powerful first impression creators. And while the first person they should impress is you, there's power too in considering what your clothes say to others. Australian author Traci Harding once told me that she likes to wear black because it signals for people to not approach her, while red says don't approach, but look at me. She's right, there's power in colour1 But there's also power in shape and item choice. I hope my outfit says I am serious and proper, yet I like comforting luxuries like velvet and silk.  

Whatever it is though this outfit says to you, you must agree, you can't beat vintage for sleek, tailored style.

Love WTP x

Dear Golden Vintage 40s blazer, Ooh La La Facebook group 50s velvet skirt, Saba shirt, What Katie Did retro seams, Wittner heels, Mimco earrings and bag, Kitschtopia Art Deco brass necklace.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Plum path

Apologies for the quiet on the home front. It's always the way... quit your job and think you'll have all the free time in the world, only to find you're busier than ever working at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and freelancing your little tushie off. But that's not what this post is about: it's about the fact that I don't actually wear heels in the bush.

I know, that's insane.

I ended up shooting this outfit on the first few metres of a bush trail though because it was windy and cold and threatening to rain so I wanted to grab the pictures before the weather got even worse, and it was on my way home, so, please don't be fooled into thinking I'm either a heel wearing superwoman bush walker or completely impractical. While I am proficient in my heels, I'm not into broken ankles. Nor suede and dirt as a general rule.

Still, for all the cold and the eventual brief shower just as I got in the door, I was glad to be back in my cool weather wardrobe again. This dress has been on the blog before but it's been a great purchase, doing regular rotations during the cooler months. Having seamed stockings back in my wardrobe again also makes me rather happy. But I couldn't resist a touch of tiki with my orchid hair clip.

Sometimes you've just got to keep a little summer all year round.

Love WTP x

ASOS dress, Wittner Luscious heels, What Katie Did retro seams, Daisy Jean Floral Designs Felicity orchid double, vintage koi mother of pearl earrings.
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