Friday, December 2, 2016

What to wear where: work Xmas party

Ah December, you're here - and so are all of my Christmas accessories too! I like to create holiday ensembles with pieces that I wear all year round, accessorized with brooches, hair flowers and bags that lend some festive flair.

An outfit like this is fantastic for a work Christmas party and yet, I wouldn't have to buy a thing new!
I love my Pin Up Girl Clothing Spanish fan print skirt, and wear it often with a red jumper in autumn, or a white tee in summer, but teamed with my red Collectif Dolores top it works for the holidays. Just add some cool heels, a Christmas brooch, Daisy Jean Floral hair flowers and a fun clutch! While this clutch isn't available this year, it came from ASOS who have some cute Christmas clutches again.

When getting dressed up for an outing, just make sure you're keeping it appropriate to the weather, venue, and crowd. If you're in a cold climate - hi European and North American readers - then look for something fun like a felt skirt and cute sweater or a knit dress with some sparkle jewels. The colder it is, I always think a little extra sparkle makes it more fun. Oh hell, let's be honest, I just love sparkles all the time...

The Xmas party check list:
  • festive colours like red, green or white
  • a clutch bag with definite holiday feel - think metallic, glitter, or a Christmas design
  • cute jewellery like a brooch or earrings in a festive design like a santa, tree or gingerbread man
  • party shoes that you can dance in
These What to Wear Where posts are a little taste of what goes on in my head; all of those 'costumes' I devise for what I'll wear in the countryside, on a cruise, to a NYE party, and every other possible place I might set foot. Hopefully they'll also inspire you! If you have a dressing challenge you'd like help with, drop me a line on my contact page. To see my other posts, visit the What to Wear Where tab.

Love WTP x

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Start your shopping...

Tough love time: Christmas is less than seven weeks away *cue eye twitch*

Christmas shopping can get a little stressful, and it's tempting to go for generic present options to make life easy - department store gift card anyone? But I love finding the perfect gift, and supporting small business, especially those run by creative women, so if you start snaffling gifts now you can get some great pieces for holiday gift giving.

Here's my round up of some great gifts from small, creative or local businesses.


Whether it's snowing outside or sunny and hot, you can always channel a little wintry charm into your outfit with this fun Luxulite winter collection pairing! The Mittens necklace and earrings together are £27.  

Keep things playful with the Bettie Page Xmas Brooch! She's sensual, she's festive, and she's fun and you can also order her as a pendant. She's $46USD from Baccurelli.

Who doesn't love a statement Christmas necklace? The Christmas Stocking necklace is limited edition by La Vidriola, 59.00 €.


So, who doesn't want to receive a gorgeous 1910s synthetic ruby and diamond ring for Christmas? This navette ring from Jean Jean Vintage is sure to sparkle in the lights, $480USD.

Basically, this handmade vintage fascinator is perfect for you to wear to the supermarket, or the doctor, you know, anywhere super casual. It's $170AUS from VintageCaf.


Hair flowers are a fantastic extra for any vintage or pin up lover. Daisy Jean Floral signature rose doubles come in a fantastic range of colours to suit every outfit. Shown here is the red rose double, $18AUS.

This beautiful keepsake magazine has four gorgeous issues available, and best of all, they're all on sale! Grab Lila Jean Vintage magazines and settle in with a mulled wine for an evening of informative, revealing and reflective reading, $5-$15 per issue.

Are you nautical and nice this summer? The Anchor Love earrings from Revere Folie are perfect for teaming with your navy and red ensembles and they're just $15AUS.


Aside from being an awesome illustrator, Kirbee's brooches are to die for! If you're anything like me, you dreamed of getting a pony for Christmas, and here's your chance with Buttermilk the Horse Brooch, $35AUD.


Out of all the statement earrings in my collection, I can guarantee none get as many comments as my Mamoru earrings. People are constantly asking me where they are from! And who can blame them, these hand poured resin earrings feature gorgeous details like petals, flowers, leaves, bees, or glitter. Rosaleen has a gorgeous collection currently available but selling fast like these Limoncello Crystal earrings that can be made clip on too, starting from $70AUD.

You might be familiar already with the gorgeous portraits by Aussie artist Caitlin Shearer, but I am loving her clothing! Who doesn't want to prance about in this gorgeous Frottage Full Button-up skirt featuring an original Caitlin She design? It's $200AUD.


I don't have a land line, but if I still did I would be ALL OVER this gorgeous blue Classic Corded Telephone from Pollydot. Imagine the saucy things that could be said on that handset! It's a special order item and comes in several other colours for $124.99AUD.

Where other people see lone, sad patterned vintage plates, Kelly of The Story Book Rabbit must see delicious possibility. Her illustrations are added to vintage plates, and are perfect for hanging on the wall. This Baby Bunny and Chicky plate is $50AUD.

My ETSY shop is linked on the right side of this page, and I'm giving all my readers 10% off this month, so just enter the code HOLIDAY at checkout, valid until midnight November 30th, 2016. And yes, more goodies are shortly to come, so keep an eye out.

So tell me, what's on your Christmas list?

Love WTP x

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Roses and lace

Melbourne Cup day always makes me conflicted. I hate the cruelty to horses, but I love ANY excuse for a hat or fascinator. As I don't work in an office anymore either, I was tempted to let the day slide by unnoticed, but then I remembered that I had the perfect outfit for it so I treated the neighbourhood. They love it, judging on how cars slow down to look at me haha.

I'm wearing the Daisy Jean Floral limited edition Miss Ellen Fascinator. Yes, it's named for me and only available until the end of the year! If you like it, I suggest nabbing one for yourself before it's too late. I've teamed it here with one of my favourite Alice McCall dresses, and while modern, I feel this dress has a definite vintage nod, especially with these accessories. I can't believe I've never actually put this dress on the blog, given how long I lusted wildly over it the very first time I saw it go down a runway a few years ago. Alice McCall is one of those labels where every season I see one piece that really tickles my fancy for it's nod to vintage style.

Do you have a modern designer you're super soft on? And what have you got on your head today if you're in Australia?

Alice McCall In Motion dress, Peeptoe Shoes sample heels, Jean Jean Vintage 1960s rhinestone earrings, Daisy Jean Floral Miss Ellen fascinator, Cane Valley Emporium 1950s Foster Grant sunglasses

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Not quite the witching hour

Happy Halloween week! I am keen for this week to be about novelty brooches and outfits dedicated to the spooky! Admittedly my head hasn't been much on Halloween this month because I got distracted by Christmas which is only 62 sleeps or something. Oops. Moving on...

I wanted a Halloween look today that nodded to my vintage aesthetic, yet still had a whiff of witchy. I have had this dress a little while and not worn it; I get so worried about wearing delicate lace and rayon pieces for my day to day life, but with Halloween on the horizon this just seemed perfect. I decided to go a little outlandish for my hair, and before anyone asks, yes, this hair style was surprisingly simple, but I plan to get better at doing it so it's really smooth and polished.

I feel like ensemble is the perfect balance between Halloween and vintage glamour for me, and certainly made people double take.  I guess that would be the black roses and big hair... and witchy filters. Sorry, I couldn't resist a little Halloween vibe on these photos. You'll forgive me.

Vintage 1940s dress via eBay, Innovare heels from Myer (several years ago), Daisy Jean Floral black rose double, Jean Jean Vintage 30s celluloid and rhinestone bangle and crystal drop earrings

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vintage Ladies Picnic

You know how last post I was all... I'm gonna wear all those winter pieces one last time? Yeah, so, I'm wearing sandals this post (hi blue toenails!) and a cotton dress. Whatever! It was for a picnic day at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, so of course I had to wear sandals and a giant 50s straw hat.

I met up with some gorgeous ladies for a casual picnic sharing sweets and cheese under the shade of a tree, overlooking the gorgeous Sydney Harbour. We had some very silly laughs, took some ridiculous photos, and there may or may not have been a parasol fencing session (hint, there was). Now that's what I call the perfect way to spend a Saturday!

Thank you to Naomi of Lila Jean Vintage for the outfit photos!

Vintage 50s dress, Zara sandals, Jessamity Vintage 50s hat, Wild Fell Hall Vintage 40s Lucite brooch, Daisy Jean Floral Agatha's Orb resin earrings.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Over my knee

This outfit is one of those left of centre looks for me. Sometimes I like to shake things up - and it's because of things like these insane over the knee Sophia Webster boots. They so aren't what a vintage girl SHOULD own, but I do and I love them. I'll also mention they're insanely comfortable. So, I purposely keep a few cute mini skirts (which is basically any above the knee skirt in my books) to wear with them and accept that sometimes I will have anomalies in my wardrobe.

This skirt almost went in the cull in fact, but I lost a little weight lately and it fits again, so I am thrilled to be wearing it, especially with my cute burgundy cardigan. This cardigan gave me a headache at first. I bought it thinking it would be very easy to wear, then I got it and it didn't seem to go with the outfits I planned to wear it with as it wasn't just the right shade of burgundy. But once I actually sat down and thought logically about it I found plenty it goes with, but for a few months I had it in my head it was hard to wear, and that was quite ridiculous!

I am glad though to be seeing the end of the cold weather, spring is practically here, even if it does mean putting these boots away again for a few months. It's been a strange winter too, I didn't wear some things as much as I would've liked, simply because I wasn't trekking into the office every day. So, I will try to squeeze one or two more wears out of my heaviest winter pieces before I put them away, then get really excited for ALL of the open toed shoes EVERYDAY.

I've already painted my toenails a delicious shade of blue in anticipation...

Doll Me Up cropped cardigan, Anthropologie skirt, Sophia Webster boots, Vintage 40s necklace thrifted, Jennifer Behr leather headband.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


When Naomi of Lila Jean Vintage said, "Do you want to see the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibition?" I was all over that. I love visiting the Art Gallery of NSW, and expanding my (limited) knowledge of the art world, and I love strong female artists, so, match made in heaven.

Before I get down to all the clothes here, I wanted to say I really found the exhibition not entirely what I expected... less art, more photographs and personal history. But what paintings there were I really fell in love with. I was particularly taken with a Calla Lily vendor by Diego Rivera and the way in which Frida never shied from her own image. I love her for it. I also learned some unusual things about how symbolic fruit in still life art is... thanks for that Naomi!

Of course, you knew it'd happen the minute I mentioned Frida... I had to theme my hair and capture my outfit too. One of the wonderful benefits of spending time with a fellow outfit record keeper is that we are always up for a quick outfit shoot! I wanted to choose something with a distinct style nod to dear Frida, without looking like I was going to a dress up party... I hope I succeeded. You've seen this skirt more than once, but always with black. And as I promised I'd keep re-styling classics, well, of course I had to try it with a bold, warm tone like this vintage cropped sweater. I wanted to wear some cute matching wedges, but being on our feet for hours I went for practical black flats. Yes, I've officially gotten old...

Deerfield Vintage 50s sweater, Violetville Vintage 50s corduroy skirt, Dinosaur Designs bangles, Art Deco celluloid earrings, Daisy Jean Florals Penelope Peony, NineWest flats.

Photos kindly by Naomi of Lila Jean Vintage

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back to the Fifties... again!

Well, after the glum little vintage girls of last year, left stranded all dolled up with nowhere to go, this year Miss Mary Weather smiled once more on the Fifties Fair!

Sunshine abounded, and Naomi of Lila Jean Vintage and I were both thrilled to get our glad rags on and head to the fair. A little shopping, a lot of chatting (and lines for coffee) and bumping into lovely ladies ensued. And of course outfit photos!

Normally I buy something new for the fair... but this year I told myself to just wear something I already owned, so I pulled out this gorgeous Suzy Perette number I bought last year. It's actually nice to re-wear things! I'm so guilty of wearing a nice evening dress once and then hiding it away!

Speaking of this outfit, I am putting a note here to remember that next year I should not wear THREE petticoats and a panty girdle. Trying to use the portaloo was a nightmare. Picture me in that little box, trying to hold up three layers of petticoat and my skirt while trying to undo the eye and hooks on my WKD panty girdle and then trying to do it up again after (which ended up with me clipping my petticoat to my panty girdle and having to undo it and start again) and then wash my hands all while trying not to actually touch anything. You needed to hear this story, because... well, yeah... I'm all class.

It's always such a pleasure seeing so many well dressed people, having silly photos with friends, and listening to the live music! Until next year Fifties Fair, you beloved Vintage Christmas!

Retro Fit Pattern Suzy Perette 50s dress, 50s clip on earrings and rhinestone cuff, My Vintage Hat Shop 50s net and straw hat, Wittner heels, Vintage 50s op shop bag, Prada sunglasses, 50s Cashmere cardigan.

Thanks for the pictures Lila Jean Vintage - you can follow Lila Jean Vintage on Instagram here.

P.S. If you love this design of Suzy Perette dress there are several fabric variations out there - though I've never seen this fabric before or since!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Feather in my cap

Life has been busy the last month as I got all my business stuff up and running and I take care of my physical health - if it's not one thing it's another... I will be up and running this week and I'm excited though, announcement pending, promise.

I felt so guilty though I hadn't been wearing and sharing on the blog, only on my IG, so here's a post of a skirt I'm not 100% in love with. Is that funny to say? I used to have a similar pink wool pencil skirt I wore to death and I figured when I updated it that this too would get worn in much the same fashion but it's been pushed further and further back in the wardrobe so this was a little bit of a trial for me. And even looking at the pictures I'm still not convinced... It's a tad too pale, and a tad too long. I think this skirt is destined for the selling pile.

But I was glad to wear my 40s feather cap hat, I just ridiculously love it, with it's jaunty elvish feel and feathers that could poke out someone else's eye if they weren't careful. And I finally brought my giant heart and arrow brooch by Dorothy Bauer for a spin. If possible, I now love it even more.


EBay1940s feather hat, 50s cashmere sweater from Voyeur Vintage, 50s wool pencil skirt via IG, Senso heels, eBay Dorothy Bauer 80s cupid heart brooch.  
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